Epistane 2a,3a-epithio17a methyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstane

Epistane was a popular prohormone for many years, bodybuilders loved this compound for its ability to build lean muscle with very little water retention.

 As a bodybuilder nothing is better than being able to build muscle mass with no estrogen side effects. Many of the steroids people take in today market will lead to water retention. Epistane was a unique hormone that wouldn't convert to estrogen leaving you with dry lean gains. 

Epistane has been banned since December of 2014 leaving the prohormone world with a big empty hole or has it? What if I told you there was a product that worked just as good or delivered the same results. Well there isn't anything as good as epistane but this new product will deliver muscle and in today's supplement market that is always good news.

Epicatechin will deliver dry lean muscle growth much like Epistane. Lets take a look at some of the benefits of Epicatechin:

  1. - Promotes Dry Gains
  2. - Helps Increase Muscle Endurance
  3. - Helps Increase Muscle Hardness
  4. - Promotes Muscle Pumps
  5. - Helps Improve Strength
  6. - Inhibits Myostatin
  7. - Can be Used by Men and Women

As you can see the benefits of this supplement are similar to epistane. This product works great for building muscle and we suggest giving it a try to start building some serious muscle.


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