MethylStenbolone Info:


MethylStenbolone is a potent and very new designer prohormone. Antaeus Labs brought the product to the public. There were a lot of compounds in the past that said they were using this compound, but independent laboratory testing showed that they only used superdrol. Superdrol was banned, but a lot of people are turning to MethylStenbolone. The reason is that it offers the same kind of gains and results.


MethylStenbolone is designed to gain muscle mass and size. There are a lot of purported benefits to this powerful prohormone supplement like mass gains, size gains, bulking up, fuller muscles, and strength gains. All that sounds great, but there are some side effects too.


The typical estrogen-mediated side effects are virtually non-existent with this because it doesn't convert to an estrogenic metabolite, and it has no attraction to the progesterone receptor at all.


Unfortunately, many people think that MethylStenbolone is one of the most toxic substances out there because it can resist metabolization so well, but there are some anecdotal reports that would suggest it has less side effects than the other compound, superdrol, does. Users should definitely start out with a very small dosage of this supplement to see if there are side effects that occur. You might get some sodium and water retention. The compound is likely to cause a rapid increase in intracellular water retention.


What about the benefits? There are gains possible of between 20-25 pounds in four weeks or less. There are some liver toxicity issues, however. That might be the main reason that someone wouldn't be able to make massive gains from this product. Some people consider pre-conditioning the liver with a liver-protecting supplement to be the main idea.


Some of the strength increases that come from this product, though, will probably encourage weight lifting to be more than the joints and tendons are able to handle. It is suggested that you be cautious of this fact try to naturally build up your strength before you start cycling with this steroid.


Start out with a very low dose of MethylStenbolone, and a moderate dose of a compound that's non-methylated. That would be a good way to test out the side effects from this compound, but you would still need to take liver health seriously no matter what you were noticing. You would probably want to use this compound as an integral part of a bulking cycle because of the weight and strength gain possible.


A lot of users report that there is an ability of this product to rapidly add to the intramuscular water, while cutting down on the water. This will result in a tighter appearance, and you might get this in less than a week. You will start to notice an increase in body weight and fullness too. The body weight gains might be less than what many users perceived on Superdrol though. These are unique and different compounds, and users shouldn't expect the same results. This product also purports to give impressive strength gains too.